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"Sweet as Honey"

Possum in the blossom #5 - variation on a theme Banksia Baxteri and Honey Possum Watercolour and coloured pencil 29cm x 42cm

Possum in the blossom

'Possum in the blossom' Watercolour on fabriano artistico

Percy Possum

'Percy Possum' Water colour on fabriano artistico

Miss Possum 'Pretty in pink'

Possum in the Blossom #3 Variation on a Theme 'pretty in pink' Watercolour and coloured pencil on fabriano artistico

Lady in Red

Possum in the blossom #4 - variation on a theme 'Lady in Red' Water colour and Coloured Pencil 29cm x 42cm

Eucalyptus caesia - Silver princess

'Silver Princess' Water colour painting on fabriano artistico 56cm x 37cm

Eucalyptus caesia - Silver Princess

Eucalyptus caesia Water colour on Fabriano Artistico


I enjoy the freedom of watercolour and what I can create with this medium.

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