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I absolutely love visiting Rottnest Island, situated off the coast of Western Australia's Capital City of Perth.  The freedom of exploring the island on a bicycle in the Spring time, with a camera and sketch book, brings me so much joy.

And no ride around Rottnest would be complete without the amazing interraction with the famous little native Quokkas in their natural habitat.

It seems that no matter where one stops, these inquisitive little characters seem to delight in posing for a photograph, and even smile for the camera! I have read that the Rottnest Island Quokkas have been dubbed "the happiest animals in the world"! and after spending time amongst them I can understand why.

As a result of my own interraction with some cheeky Quokkas I have worked from my own sketches and photographs to capture one moment in time, to create and present to you ... "Miss Queenie Quokka"

I have used a variety of artist quality coloured pencils to create this 'painting', which has taken well over 30 hours to complete, due to the detail involved.  It has been an absolute pleasure and I am sure I shall revisit Rottnest Island again very soon to capture some more of those happy smiles and produce a little series of paintings of "the world's happiest animals"

Below is a progression of images to show you how this one came together on my drawing board - please enjoy.  If you would like to inquire about purchasing the original, or a print, or cards, please contact me OR  go to my shop page for details.

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